2001 Yamaha BWS Prebug – The Silver Bullet

Price: $4,450.00
Colour: Silver

01 Yamaha BWs Pre-Bug (Pre-03 Yamaha BWSs are commonly referred to as Pre-Bugs just as 03+ BWSs are often called “Bug-eye”s)

At Scooterdoc, all of our very best bikes receive a name.   This one is identifies as “The Silver Bullet” and the below description and parts listing will explain why we chose this name for this very special bike.   This bike was not built as a quiet daily rider – it was built for extreme scooter enthusiasts looking for something unique.

Prebugs are highly sought-after for so many reasons, but because of their age, they are becoming much more difficult to find.    Enthusiasts like them because they are short in length, which makes them feel very nimble; they are light in weight which makes them  even more nimble, and they have a huge aftermarket – which makes them very customizable.    They respond incredibly well to performance upgrades (much more so than Bug-eye BWSs).    Prebugs make the very best wheelie bikes as the front end lifts easily; once lifted the bike feels supremely balanced and easy to control with just the throttle. The Prebug does almost everything better than almost everything else, except for provide lots of on-board storage.   A small space under the seat to hold your wallet or maybe a cell phone, and that’s about it.  That’s why we opted to keep the rear rack … just in case.

This is a bike we are very proud of.   Here’s the parts summary …

  • Ported/lightly trenched Minarelli vertical cases
  • Ported and timed Big Bore single ring aluminum cylinder kit (Most Wicked 70cc Minarelli Vertical)
  • Polini EVo3 Exhaust, refinished canister/VHT heat coated pipe section
  • Mikuni TM 24 carburetor, Polini Big-valve intake and double reed cage, UniFilter
  • Modified Malossi Overange CVT kit with torque driver (rear sheaves machined to allow further opening and increased belt travel), longer and wider Malossi Kevlar Overange belt
  • Malossi Fly clutch, Malossi Winged Bell, Malossi contra spring, Malossi clutch springs
  • lightened flywheel (-140g)
  • DR Racing CDI box (improved timing curve, no rev limit)
  • Athena 15/50 final drive gears
  • Michelin Bopper semi-slick tires
  • Malossi front brake pads, Athena rear shoes, new rotor
  • Polished Aluminum CVT cover
  • Custom machined then chromed kick lever
  • Stage6 EVO Mirrors / carbon
  • Str8 EVO fan scoop / carbon
  • Str8 Fork protectors / carbon
  • Custom 2 tone seat / Premium material, new foam
  • Custom painted  and airbrushed body panels (metallic silver, extra clear, flames are airbrushed, not decals)
  • Euro tail section (clear lens with integrated signals), modified bodywork
  • refinished rear rack to match the exhaust silencer
  • Blue tinted front light lens and speedo cover (front light lens is easily removable)
  • GP Pro Kart Tachometer with max RPM option

Some of the upgrades are likely missed in this listing, but most will get the idea that this was a no-corners-cut build, using the very best parts.   The focus was to enhance every aspect of the original bike without making things “full-race” so that it could be enjoyed on the street.

This is a very highly-developed scooter with dozens of hours tuning time.  Every part was perfectly matched to one another and then tuned to perfection.

Drop by to see this wonderful bike, or feel free to send us a message.