NCY Front Disk Conversion Kit with Wheels – Black


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A complete all-inclusive front end disc brake and wheel kit for your Ruckus. There are so many different variations of this kit on the market. Here is what our kit comes with :
** All NCY Components
220mm rotor, B2 caliber, B2 caliber bracket, Express 110cm fancy braided brake line with anodized blue ends, brake lever and master cylinder/reservoir in satin black, anodized blue bleeder style banjo bolts (2) with crush washers (4), speedo hub, speedo cable (works with stock Ruckus speedo), brake switch and wiring (plug and play), stainless wheel axle with axle nuts (titanium blue), high quality momentary push button starter with plug and play wiring, stainless rotor bolt set (titanium blue), set of high quality stainless caliper and caliper bracket bolts, axle spacer and front and rear 10″ Hustler Aluminum wheels in black gloss.