NCY 107mm Clutch Bell / Ruckus / GY6 50


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NCY GY6 50cc Heavy Duty Clutch Bell. Works for all GY6 50 series engines. Also works with your Ruckus (all years) if you’ve done a GY6 clutch conversion. The stock Ruckus clutch is quite proprietary and is mated to the stock Ruckus clutch bell. Many Ruckus enthusiasts change out the stock ruckus clutch for a GY6 50cc 107mm style clutch which is much more standardized and can be much better performing (specially with a modified engine). If you have done this conversion then this lovely clutch bell will work on your Ruckus as the splines match the Ruckus rear gear shaft. If you have the stock Ruckus clutch then this bell won’t work. Factory drilled outer edge for better heat dissipation.