FLP Ruckus 4x110mm GET Rear Hub


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Usually very hard to find. Please read the description carefully. This mount is made for Honda Ruckus with the stock engine. For best fitment use the following wheels specs with 12×8 fatty mount to have every thing line up center . 12×7 wheel. 4×110 bolt pattern with 10mm studs or 4×4 bolt pattern with 12mm studs. Wheels offset is 3+4. This hubs is 1/2 inch thicker then a standard kymco hub that’s why we recommend to use use a 12×7 wheel with a 12×8 engine mount. If you do use a 12×8 your wheel will be off center by 1/2 and inch unless you can modify your engine mount to move your engine over 1/2 extra to the left.